Background Decor Ideas for Wedding


A suitable background for your wedding ceremony is tantamount to placing the ideal frame around a photo with the happy couple. This will help to define the zone, fit your concept and bring the event to life!

The backgrounds will help you to stage and enhance the decor by creating a visual effect that will leave a lasting impression of your presentation to the audience. Backgrounds, often called backgrounds, were used in the production of films and photographs to create the impression that the viewer is in a different environment.

What can wedding decorations do for your wedding day?

Perhaps, in the matter of a wedding ceremony held in a beautiful place with a breathtaking view, you can do without a full backdrop. For those of us who have rather banal places and want to attract the attention of guests to the place of the ceremony, a simple decorative backdrop will create a frame-like look that will attract everyone’s attention to the couple and the wedding ceremony.

The decors give a sense of sophistication to the decor of a room and enhance it. They are especially useful for indoor events and occasions as they can be used to hide hideous decors, damaged walls and empty spaces that would otherwise detract from the overall appeal of your event decor. By using wedding decor, it is possible to hide your location less than healthy and hide all the shortcomings in the most attractive way.

It is important to understand the difference between a background and a background. In a photograph of people or things, a background is defined as everything that is visible behind the subject. Background is a surface (such as paper, fabric, or an object) that is placed behind the subject to enhance the appearance of the subject in the photo.

Canvas and chiffon are two of the most popular textiles for decors. Adding texture with canvas is a great idea, and chiffon is lighter. A cotton-polyester mixture or a matte fabric with a fleece texture is often successfully used. Cotton-polyester blends are extremely adaptable and matte fleece textiles are great for green screen applications.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Background

It is always safer to order a background a little too large, and not a little too small, because it is much easier to cut a picture than to digitally stretch the background in post-production mode. According to the above criteria, 6.5×10 feet, 8×10 feet and 8×12 feet (width/height) are enough for most regular sessions.

Deep shades of red and brown and autumn foliage can emphasize an autumn wedding even more by adding it to your decor. Winter weddings can be a gorgeous backdrop for bright white and sparkling, especially in winter. Emeralds and deep red could help create a festive atmosphere for the event. In the summer, beach or water themes are popular, while in the spring pastels and colorful flowers can be used in different ways. The background of the wedding must correspond to the general theme of the wedding.

Styles and types

Where it used to be limited to one place of worship, nowadays weddings are held in a variety of places. While they were waiting for the arrival of the bride, some places did not have a real focal point to attract her attention, so an attempt was made to create a more attractive backdrop as a point of interest.

Visually, a wedding backdrop can also provide an attractive backdrop for the happy couple during the ceremony or for after use as a photo booth. The choice of scenery allows the couple to creatively express their own personality and depict the environment of their choice.

Styles can be simple two-dimensional images, or a greater depth can be created by adding objects to the background.

Over the years, trends have changed, creating hundreds of decors. Currently, here are some of the most popular to consider:

Classic features

A beautiful staircase with a luxurious red carpet and flowing curtains, or maybe a full-length window with a shimmering white light passing through. There are so many architectural features that are possible.

Art Deco style

Complex arrangements of wedding-related accessories, framed in warm colors, create a column or arch. Perhaps bold geometric decors in brushed gold or vibrant neon colors.

Floral creations

Flower beds of bright red roses or more subtle roses create a solid wall of colors that surround the bride with natural beauty. These flat patterns can be improved with the addition of floral arrangements that create a frame.

Electric panels

Electric signs with romantic phrases created with colored neon tubes and mounted on arcs or circular frames that hang the text behind the subject are becoming increasingly popular.

Wooden and Rustic drawings

The decors range from wood and wooden objects and outdoor scenes, such as a forest clearing or even a simple fence made of wood that is painted, offer extensive possibilities when combined with the floral views.

DIY Wedding Background Tips

When creating the perfect wedding decors, color and texture are key considerations.

Use A Background Holder

To create your own photo background, drape a background over a pipe, bar or beam to hang it without support. Depending on your budget, the configuration of the room and your willingness to carry out installation work, there are many solutions available.

Install curtain rods/curtains and hang your background in the same way as curtains. If the background is complete with eyelets, you can hang it on the bar like a shower curtain. If eyelets are not found, wrap them around the post like a towel.

Instead of the above method, attach removable wall hooks to the wall or ceiling and hang the background with the hooks and eyelet holes.


Color is a crucial aspect of an image, as it can help create the mood and direct the viewer’s eye. The color theory is important in my work, and it is important that the photographers capture it. Determine whether you want bright, contrasting colors (complementary colors or more subtle tones) when choosing your background.


The texture is also important in photography. Texture can enhance an image in some matters, but it can also be a distraction in others. You will lose your audience if your background distracts attention from your image. Consider your product: does it need a smooth, clean background or does it work on a textured surface?

Wedding Craft Ideas

Tired of the same old background photos? A colorful background can make your photos appear and prevent them from looking dull. You can invest in expensive professional backdrops, or you can create your own DIY photo backdrops. Add an extra dimension to your backgrounds by using three dimensions and applying objects on the uni background. Objects such as streamers, flowers and balloons can add a little more to the backgrounds.

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