Changes Can Make in Wedding Dress


You have finally found the perfect wedding dress! Unbelievable! Even if you find the wedding dress of your dreams, you will probably need some changes. This gorgeous dress should fit your curves in the right places and make you feel confident and comfortable on your big day. Every bride needs different modifications, be it shortening a hem or adding sleeves. If you are a little nervous that your beautiful dress is changing like this, this is completely normal! Do you have any questions about your change? Here’s what you need to know about making your wedding dress.

Yes, you probably need to have some wedding dress changes

… And it’s good! Don’t feel bad about it. Most importantly, do not question the choice of the wedding dress of your dreams. Most wedding dresses are made in generic sizes, so it is practically impossible for them to fit you perfectly. Usually, what happens after you choose your wedding dress is that your bridal salon selects the dress that is closest to your size and then schedules sewing sessions so that it is modified to fit your body like a glove.

Use someone who specializes in wedding dresses

Usually, if you bought your wedding dress in a wedding salon, they will do their tailoring there. If you need additional modifications or if your modifications require specializations, you can contact a special bridal tailor who will take care of wedding dresses exclusively.

Since wedding dresses are so complex and detailed, it’s important to go with someone who specializes in them. This means that a tailor hemming your pants is not the best choice for your wedding dress.

Schedule three modification sessions leading up to the wedding

Ideally, you should plan changes to your wedding dress three times. Why? Because you want to make sure you’re fine until your big day and, let’s face it, the weight can fluctuate slightly. A good rule of thumb: reserve your first change about three months before your wedding. Then plan the next sewing session a month after. The last change session should take place about two weeks before your big day. Keep in mind that you may need additional changes depending on how many details you process, such as sleeves or a train.

Be exactly what you want

It is important to be with the tailor exactly what you want in terms of your wedding dress—not only about the look of your dress, but also about how you want it to feel. Comfort is the key, but so is your vision of the dress. Do you want out of the belts? Do you want to add more volume to the skirt? Do you need to change the neckline? Do not be afraid to ask questions and express your opinion. At the same time, take the advice and opinion of your seamstress, because chances are that she has seen everything and has good advice.

Bring underwear, shoes and accessories to every session

Take your accessories, underwear and wedding shoes with you when you attend your sewing sessions. (Yes, you want to take all your bride looks. By wearing your shoes and underwear, your tailor can ensure the correct fit and length of the dress. By wearing the accessories like train and veil, your tailor can get an idea of your whole look so that everything feels perfect and balanced. You may also want to bring your bridesmaid or whoever will be your assistant during the night so they know how to do the hustle and bustle for you.

Wedding dress changes are an important part of the wedding dress journey. While this may seem a little overwhelming at first, keep the above tips in mind and understand that this tedious process will lead you to the wedding dress of your dreams.

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