Emergency Set Items for Wedding Dress


Of course, you don’t want to plan that something will go wrong on your wedding day — but you want to prepare in matter something goes wrong. This is especially true of what you are wearing: your wedding dress. The last thing you want is for your wedding dress not to fit as it should, for it to have a stain that does not come out or for it to suffer from other inconveniences without having the opportunity to repair it. An emergency set of wedding dress can save you from many accidents or embarrassing moments. Help yourself calm down and prepare for fashionable imperfections or glitches by packing an emergency set of wedding dress.

What is a wedding dress emergency set?

Wedding dress emergency kits are exactly what they sound like: a kit with emergency items that might be needed on the wedding day, including bandages, mints, hairpins, etc. when it comes to preparing an emergency kit especially for your wedding dress, you want to include everything you need to make your dress more comfortable, functional and beautiful. This focuses less on trapping handkerchiefs and is instead filled with extra needles, threads, beads, etc. You want to include everything that might be needed in an emergency.

What belongs to a wedding dress emergency set?

Your general wedding day emergency kit should include things like Advil, eyelash glue and deodorant, but your wedding dress emergency kit should include other things. Here are 11 things you should definitely include in your wedding dress emergency set:

Fashion tape-this will help keep everything in place so that the dress does not slip or slip undesirably.

Sewing kit – this is obvious in the matter of a broken seam, when a button falls off or you need to sew sequins or beads. Make sure you have a thread that matches the color of your dress to make seamless corrections.

Safety Pins – if you don’t trust your sewing skills, safety pins are a great way to fix things the way they should.

Tide To Go pencil or cleansing wipes-this helps to remove stains that may appear, such as makeup defects, spilled Plonk or accidental sitting on a dirty surface.

White chalk-it helps to hide stubborn stains that do not come out with a tide pencil or a bleach cloth.

Tampons-this is definitely something you can include in your general emergency kit, but just to make sure you have some, you can also put them in your wedding dress emergency kit. Keep stains at bay.

Superglue-you will be surprised how convenient superglue is for repairing various aspects of your wedding dress.

Dry Spray Deodorant-they are great for sharing deodorants between people, but they also dry immediately and leave no unpleasant residue. This means that you do not have deodorant stains on your clothes or bad sweat stains under your armpits.

Steamer-if you need to travel a little for your wedding, your dress may be a little wrinkled. Having a steamer ready can help it become smooth and elegant again.

Lint Roller – this will help remove dust, lint and hair that has got on your wedding dress.

Static Protection-this Spray helps to instantly eliminate unwanted static electricity while preventing it from rebuilding. It adheres to it all day, so you don’t have to worry about collecting unwanted static electricity all day.

Better secure than sorry

Although of course you hope that nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, packing an emergency kit for your wedding dress is the best way to deal with potential accidents. It is better to be over-prepared than to find yourself on the morning of your wedding with a broken seam and not having a needle and thread.

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