Meaning of Dream Weddings


Wedding dreams are quite common, believe it or not. It doesn’t matter if you are single, couple, engaged or even annulment. What’s your opinion? Well, it depends on the context of the dream. Is it worth paying attention to it? Yes, that’s a good idea!

Your dreams can give you a clearer insight into your own mental and psychological state. They are essentially a continuation of your thoughts from the day before. So interpreting your dreams can actually help you navigate through different situations. And if you are faced with twists and turns in your life, such as marriage, it is certainly a good idea to be a little more aware.

There are many scenarios in dreams that have specific meanings, but let’s look at the most common dreams about marriages and what is their interpretation according to psychology.

You Will Marry

Weddings in dreams, as a rule, mean an obligation to come into your life — it is not necessary that it be a real marriage. It can also be a new job, moving to a new city or changing the color of your hair. And this could mean that you have persistent doubts about the next step.

Well, if you are a few days before the wedding, it could simply be your anticipation or your fear of the big day. Therefore, it is important to focus more on the feelings that you have in your dream wedding. It will tell you how your subconscious mind deals with the situation. In simple words, if you do not want to get married in a dream, you can not be satisfied with some aspects of your relationship in real life (but this does not mean that it can not be solved).

But if you are single, think about the big changes or decisions that are on your agenda. From there, write down what is happening in the dream and, again, how you feel. Since dream weddings can mean procrastination, take time in real life to assess whether everything you are just starting is a good idea.

You are getting married-the Wrong person

Assuming that you expect to get married soon, marrying someone other than your dream partner can help you improve your relationship in real life. Be sure to pay attention to the qualities of your “dream partner”, because these values or qualities are probably something that you are looking for in a long-term partner. So it might be something to zoom in on if you think your partner has things to work on. Or, if it’s something you have to accept in order to move on.

You Marry Your Ex

Yikes! The meaning of this dream can be as inconsistent as the dream itself. The basic interpretation is that you have unresolved problems with yourself. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take a step back and understand what is gnawing at you. If in reality you are on the way to the altar, understanding what is holding you back can help you improve and avoid including these bad qualities in your new married life. And if you are single, analyzing yourself will help you make sure that you are not sabotaging an upcoming relationship.

You are planning a wedding

This could just be a mental repetition of your past (and future) planning activities, which is why your feelings and emotions are crucial in your dream surrounding the planning process. For example, are you nervous? Even if you are confident in your future big day in real life, your subconscious mind can catch one or two details that require your attention. Are you stressed? You might feel a lot of pressure to get married or have a marriage that doesn’t fit what you want. Are you happy? Then congratulations, because you are lucky to be in love and should trust your relationship!

They Are Offered

Just like getting married in a dream, the offer represents a change in your life. However, unlike a marriage, a proposal suggests that you are still not sure of your devotion or commitment to the situation. In other words, they always evaluate the pros and cons of what will happen.

You Hate Your Engagement Ring

If you are proposed in your dream, and your ring is absolutely revolting, then you have a problem—a very specific problem in one aspect of your relationship, which could be a factor of “success or break” in your future. Yes, this is true, even if you are madly in love with your partner, both in real life and in sleep. For example, your partner may want to retire in the countryside, if you do not see that you live outside a big city. It is better to understand what exactly this thing is, especially before you tie the knot.

Alternatively, or if you are single, it could also mean that a loved one has made a plan or decision that you disagree with. But as above, it’s probably worth a read, so you can help a friend and save your friendship.

You’re at someone else’s wedding

If someone else marries in your dream, it means that there is a situation around a close friend that you are not satisfied with. Obviously, everything that happens weighs on your mind. Look around if the identity of the person in your dreams is not obvious, and try to help him. Even if things aren’t going perfectly, it makes you feel good to know that you’ve tried.

You’ve Lost Your Covenant

It sounds sad, but a lost covenant in a dream simply means a missed opportunity in life, which always bothers you. There’s not much to do other than identify what’s haunting your mind and try to find a way to move on. Sometimes, what doesn’t happen is for the better.

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