Secular Traditions at Wedding Ceremony


When you are planning your wedding ceremony, you undoubtedly want to personalize them as you and your future spouse are in a relationship. This is probably the most important and significant part of your wedding day, so, of course, you want to make it special. While most weddings of a religious nature usually go hand in hand with their own standard traditions, weddings performed outside of a religious affiliation (commonly referred to as “secular” ceremonies) do not have built-in traditions. However, this does not mean that you cannot create a meaningless wedding ceremony. Here are some interesting secular wedding traditions to consider when planning your ceremony.

Unit candle lighting ceremony

A common secular wedding tradition is to light a candle. This is a beautiful way to symbolize your unity and your new marriage. Each set of the couple’s parents can light a candle before the ceremony. Then the couple uses the two candles to light a larger candle to seal their union during the ceremony. This is even more special, because it can involve parents.

The celebration Of The Padlock

In this celebration, the couple will write or engrave their names in a padlock, and also indicate their wedding date. You can also write an agreed wish. Then the pair locks the padlock and throws away the keys. It is a way to symbolize their union and their immortal love and commitment to each other. It’s very romantic and easy to do, making it a wonderful Tradition to sign up for your ceremony.

The Broom jump

Another secular wedding tradition is to jump the broom. This is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the 1600s and was started by African Americans at a time when slaves were not allowed to marry. To unite, they literally jumped on a broom on the floor. This can be done at the end of a secular wedding ceremony to symbolize a new joint beginning and “sweep” the past behind you.

Planting a Tree

Trees are very symbolic in a secular wedding ceremony. This is because it is a living being that grows in the earth and high in the sky. The roots of the tree provide a healthy foundation. Planting a tree is the perfect Tradition for nature lovers who want to symbolize the germination of their new marriage and how they expect it to become something lasting and Eternal.

Warming Ring

The fun thing about this Tradition is that all your guests participate in it! It is believed that this Tradition is of Celtic origin. Here they pass the wedding rings with a ribbon or connecting wire to all the guests of the ceremony. Ask the guests to “warm up” the rings when entering the ceremony, where they place a silent blessing or a good wish on these important symbols of their love and unity.

Tradition Plonk Box

If you and your future spouse are Plonk lovers, this is the perfect Tradition for you! However, you may need to plan a little. Each partner writes a love letter to the other. Then choose one bottle of Plonk at a time and find a box containing both. During the wedding ceremony, your official can say something meaningful and put the bottle and letters in the box. It is then sealed until your five-year anniversary when you drink the Plonk and read the letters. How special, isn’t it?

These traditions are simply proposals for your own wedding. Be sure to choose the ones that make sense to you as a couple and will appeal to you the most.

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