Tips to Write a Wedding Invitation


The wording of the wedding invitation, in general, can be a tricky thing to navigate, but it can get particularly sticky if you’re looking to invite people to a wedding party only. However, this is becoming more and more common, especially as a result of delayed or modified marriages due to THE recent time’s borders. That being said, we have created a guide to help you write your wedding invitation for the reception. Reduce stress, eliminate the problem and easily spread your invitations to the world!

Be Transparent At Your Ceremony

The first thing you want to do on your wedding invitation for the reception is to be transparent at your ceremony so that there is no confusion about which part of your event your guests will attend. One way to do this is to include the information on the invitation with the words: “Jane and Joe will be getting married in a private ceremony on May 11, 2022.”This way, your guests will know that the ceremony is private and takes place on a specific date or time. This communication is important.

Say clearly that it’s a celebration

Another important aspect of formulating a wedding invitation reserved for the reception is to use a word indicating that it is a celebration of your wedding, which suggests that your ceremony has already taken place at the time of this event. You can say it like this “ ” please join us to celebrate our recent union at our wedding reception.”If your parents or families need to be included in your invitation, you can change it to “With our parents or families we invite you to join us to celebrate our recent union”, or “Mr and Mrs. Joe Smith invites you to celebrate your daughter Jane Smith’s recent union with Jack Johnson during their wedding celebration.”This wording brings a lot of clarity.

Use the term “married only”

Only the addition of the term “just married” to your invitation to the reception makes it clear that this event does not include a ceremony. Try to use “just married “as an intelligent but informative header on the invitation, adding: “please join us to celebrate the newlyweds at a reception celebrating their union.”

Try Something Smart

There are many ways to formulate your invitation to the reception only in an intelligent way and play on your celebration after the ceremony. For example, calling it a “happy party forever” is one way to do this, or if you state that your event is “nothing fantastic, just love” on the invitation, give your guests a good hint. Another way to do this is with the caption ” oh yes, we did it!”like a game on” I do it.”For a couple who likes to offer mature drinks, use the theme” Plonk and beer after ice cream” only for your invitation to the reception. These are more original and lighter phrases, but they could certainly work if it is the mood you are looking for.

Announcing a leak

If you ran away and want to celebrate with a more formal reception, do not hesitate to indicate this only on your invitation to the reception. This provides another excellent header with the words “we ran away!”at the summit, which makes it clear that this event will not include an official ceremony.

Add a Ceremonial photo

Make it clear to the guests that your wedding ceremony has arrived and left again by adding a photo of your official ceremony with this invitation for the reception if your ceremony has already taken place. It’s a fun way to show your guests instead of telling them, and that definitely eliminates the question.

Be clear about the term “reception”

All in all, as long as you include the term “reception” in your invitation, you should be able to make it clear to the guests that you are only coming for a celebration and not for a completely traditional wedding. The term “invite you to a reception celebrating our/your wedding” is pretty clear, so don’t get too hung up on the potential confusion. In addition, you can always refer guests to your wedding website on your invitation, which is where you can really clarify things.

This breakdown really simplifies something that may seem intimidating at first glance. Invite your guests to your wedding reception is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, and as long as you communicate it clearly, you will be ready for success

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