Trending Wedding Accessory for Bride


With another year, new trends are coming at all levels, but especially when it comes to everything related to weddings. Trends regarding wedding accessories are fun when you are planning your big day. Doing this will help you determine which ideas you want to use when planning your wedding anniversary look and which ones do not fit your style. Anyway, here are some of the top Bridal Accessory trends for 2022 that you should keep in mind!

Statement Earrings

2022 is the year of bold statements, and how to do it better than with a pair of earrings? Long linear drop-shaped earrings or decorated with beads, crystals or even fringe really bring the drama. You can also opt for Chunky tires if that’s more your style.

Bridal belt

It doesn’t seem like something you would immediately think of as a bridal accessory, but belts are at the forefront on this topic. On the designer catwalks for bridal looks, various interpretations of belts appear, be it a wide belt or a thin sparkling ribbon. These are versatile and add intrigue to any Look, so it’s worth exploring them for your own bridal outfit!

Pearl details on the veils

Wedding veils are not as simple as they may have been. But instead of detailed lace, this year’s trend for this Accessory is beaded details. It’s an awesome way to make a style statement without overdoing anything. Feminine and chic, you can’t go wrong with this addition to your Look. Fashion moguls predict that even veils decorated with crystals are on the rise.

Hair bows

Do you want to add a bold statement and a feminine touch to your bridal look? Then you’re in luck, because bridal hair curls are all the rage right now! Curls on dresses have been a trend for some time, but bridal curls are new to the scene. These dramatic and oversized Accessories are both fun and romantic, making them a special touch for any beaming bride!

Birdcage sail

Another veil trend for 2022 is the birdcage veil. This is a funny variant of the Tradition of a veil. They are more minimalist in terms of size, but have a huge impact on your Look as a whole. The birdcage sails are up to date and certainly distinctive.

Floral Headbands

The trend for the bridal headband has been around for quite some time, but for this year there is a new Variant of this accessory – floral headbands. This new update adds something feminine and romantic to any dress and can be a real statement for brides who want to incorporate this element into their Look.

Pure Capes

Capes are a trend that comes and goes from year to year, but in 2022 you will get a new personality! Capes can replace a veil for brides who want to do something different. Whether you are short and flirty or long and Regal, there are many iterations of this trend.

Neck circumference

Another Jewelry Accessory trend that is worth a visit this year is necklaces. This was influenced by celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid. Pearl necklaces are especially noteworthy for brides, as are three-strand necklaces in general.


Gloves are another trend that tends to the low tide when it comes to bridal accessories. Well, for 2022 they are back and better than ever! You might think that gloves are quite simple, but there are so many styles that you can choose from. Whether they are long and matte or wide and transparent, they are a special way to add sophistication to a bridal look.

There are so many fun trends for bridal accessories, and these are just a few of the most popular for the year. Incorporating them into your big day look is a great way to connect with the year you’re getting married and find a fun way to add personality to your overall look.

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