Turn Wedding Item into Beautiful Decor


You have just celebrated the beautiful and unforgettable wedding of your dreams! Now, after months of painstaking decisions when it comes to the setup and details of your big day, you may be wondering what you have to do with all of yours… Things have to start. Since the focus has been on sustainability recently (and for good reason), you’re probably wondering how to recycle your wedding items after the celebration. Here are some great ideas on how to improve or repurpose your wedding decor and give it a second life.

1. Offer Your Flowers to Hotel Guests or a local Hospital

While flowers are perishable, you don’t need to throw them away! There are several things you can do with your floral arrangements, including gifts to your guests and the staff of your venue. It’s a generous gesture that you can share with those who helped make your big day so special. In addition, you can donate your flowers to a nursing home, hospital or unsheltered. There are several Non-profit Organizations that can help You; a little Google search for your area will help. (Just be sure to donate or donate your stems to separate the flowers from any type of pot or Vase if they belong to the florist or venue.)

2. Use your wedding decorations at home again

What to do with the pillows and blankets in your cocktail lounge and all those votives and napkins (and another decor)? Now, of course, reuse! Depending on the style and Mood, you can create stunning Accents for your home. If you are worried that they will not match your home design, a good rule of thumb is to try to customize your wedding items when buying so that they match both your home decor and your wedding theme. You can also allow your wedding party to put Dibs on anything you want.

3. Stationery for DIY Projects reuse

From invitations and additional wedding programs to menus and other signs, a lot of stationery is used on your wedding day — and then left without a second thought.

You may be able to reuse these paper items as wrapping paper or turn them into notebooks, handmade greeting cards or other crafty projects if you are the DIY type. Get creative with all the beautiful Paper you spent a lot of money on and incorporate it into souvenirs and gift cards for friends and family.

4. Donate extra food to those in need of a meal

Instead of throwing away extra food from your front desk, a better alternative is to donate it to an unsheltered or soup kitchen. Make advance arrangements with the catering service and a local organization to pick up the extra food after the celebration. It’s a nice way to avoid waste and spread goodwill!

5. Lanterns for the Terrace reuse

Lanterns are an awesome way to light up your wedding party – just like your own deck, patio or balcony. Use your wedding lanterns to decorate your outdoor space at home. Be sure to choose lanterns when you buy them that work with your home decor to make sure you reuse them in any matter. The best thing about it? Every time you turn them on, you will remember the special memory of your big day.

6. Upcycle your dress or give it to a bride in need

Your wedding dress is gorgeous, but let’s face it: Are you going to wear it again? Probably not-but for its price, you should definitely do it! That’s why it’s a good idea to turn your dress into a dress that you can wear over and over again. Consider cutting it and coloring it in another color so that you can wear it as a cocktail or evening dress. Or you can use different segments of the dress as a christening or first communion dresses for the children in your family. You can also donate it to a charity that helps brides from poor backgrounds to have a beautiful wedding dress for their big day.

With a little more thought and pre-planning, almost everything from your wedding after your big day can have a place in your life or someone else’s life.

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