Ways to Look Fresh for Summer Bride


Being a summer bride means that you can enjoy the warm and beautiful weather soleil…et also sweat. A lot of sweat. Warm temperatures and outdoor weddings mean sweaty armpits, drenched backs and a soaked dress-which is neither cute nor comfortable. You definitely deserve to feel and look your best despite the heat outside. So, how to cope and prevent some of these challenges? Read on for our helpful ways to stay cool as a summer bride.

1. Choose a wedding dress wisely

A summer wedding is not a time for a heavy wedding dress. Avoid thick textures and tons of beads, and instead think of a light, airy material that flows with your body and does not stick to it or burden it. They want an elegant dress, but it also helps them stay cool and look like the queen that they are.

2. Stay cool while preparing

You certainly don’t want to sweat when you’re getting ready and getting ready for your big day. Make sure you are in a cool room when you are getting styling and makeup, and also while you are putting on your wedding dress. A cooler body temperature will make your makeup feel better and your dress will fit and also feel better.

3. Keep your hair in the air

Moisture and wind can cause significant damage to your hair, so a bun is a great way not only to keep your hair fresh and fresh, but also to feel cooler overall.

4. Embrace the inside

It seems counter-intuitive since you want to enjoy the fresh air at a wedding in the summer, but it is worth to be taken into account, especially when it comes to staying cool and looking to be at your best to your portraits of the bride and wedding. Remember to take your photos indoors before you go outside. And all evening, do not be afraid to linger indoors for a long time. This will help you lower body temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.

5. Hire a professional to style and makeup

Shell out money for a professional hair and makeup team is worth it when it comes to being a summer bride. They know all the tips and tricks to create a look that can withstand all the sweat and tears during your wedding. You might even consider retouching your makeup halfway into the day. If not, buy yourself a makeup fixing spray that will help your makeup stay in place more, and pack a few items to make a midi retouch yourself.

6. Moisturizes, moisturizes!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but drinking water regularly is very important at a summer wedding, and this is something that most brides forget. With all the socializing and (let’s face it) Plonk and champagne flowing, it’s easy to forget to moisten with water every hour, but that’s exactly what you should do to stay cool and healthy. No one wants you to pass out on your big day! It might be a good idea to ask your bridesmaid to monitor your water intake throughout the day and make sure you stay hydrated as one of her tasks.

7. Remember the shadow

The shadow is your best friend when it comes to a wedding and an outdoor ceremony. No matter how beautiful the day is, no one wants to say “yes ” under the scorching sun. Look for optimal locations with abundant shade and coverage when considering where your open-air ceremony will be located. If you don’t find one, you may want to install a large umbrella or some kind of blanket to keep cool and protected from direct sunlight. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding party, umbrellas and tents are also great ideas to keep you and your guests cool during the reception.

A summer wedding is a great time to get married! Don’t let the hot weather stop you from looking and feeling your best, and stay cool with the tips above.

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