Wedding Ring Hand Varies by Culture


Have you ever wondered “which hand is wearing a wedding ring?”Although you may automatically think that you know the right answer, you will be surprised to learn that the hand on which you wear your wedding ring varies by culture.

Knowing on which hand to wear your wedding ring is one of the many questions you will have when preparing for your wedding day, deciding what to wear, what traditions to follow and much more. Let’s answer the question without further ado: which hand wears a wedding ring?

Which hand is wearing a wedding ring?

The wedding ring is a symbolic jewel in the shape of a circle representing the infinite nature of love. Wearing a ring symbolizes your lifelong Commitment to another. That is why paying for wedding rings and choosing the right one is such a debated topic. When it comes to the finger and hand on which you wear your wedding ring, you might think that the answer is obvious, but it varies by culture and region.

Symbolization of the Ring Finger

The exchange of wedding rings is a Tradition that dates back to Egypt, Greece and Rome in antiquity. These ancient couples decided to wear their rings on their left hands and on the fourth finger, believing that there was a vein that directly connected the “ring finger” to the heart.

So, theoretically, these couples believed that their hearts were connected both to their rings and to each other. The ancient Romans even called this vein “Vena Amoris”, which means “vein Of love”.”

However, at present we have found out that there is no such vein, but the gentle feeling and Tradition of wearing wedding rings and wedding rings on the fourth finger have persisted.

Wedding ring on the Left Hand

Wearing your wedding ring on your left hand is the most common Tradition in Western cultures. Also, this Tradition refers to being closest to the heart, because the heart is a little further to the left of the body.

The heart, of course, is a symbolic representation of love and emotions, especially according to the ancient understanding. Cultures and countries like the United States and the United Kingdom continue to keep their wedding rings on the left hand and are closest to their hearts.

Wedding ring on the Right Hand

Although wearing the wedding ring on the left side is perhaps the most anticipated, there are many regions that choose to place wedding rings on the right hand. For example, many people in Central Europe, such as Denmark, Poland, Germany, Russia, Greece, Norway, Austria, Ukraine and Bulgaria, choose the right hand.

The hand on which you wear your wedding ring may also be related to superstition. In some cultures, the left hand was associated with bad luck, while the right hand was considered purer. This applies to India, where many couples in the past preferred rings on the right hand for this reason. Orthodox Christians also had a long tradition of wearing wedding rings on the right hand.

Using the right hand to show off your engagement or wedding ring is also a meaningful symbol for same-gender couples. Some LGBTQ+ couples wear their rings on the right, especially in places where same-gender marriage is not officially recognized. This is a way to symbolize your Lifelong Commitment, even if you do not have lawful documentation of your marriage.

Wedding ring vs. Engagement ring

Receiving and wearing engagement rings

Starting in the 15th century, couples began to give and wear engagement rings to symbolize their Commitment to an upcoming wedding. In the past, both men and women wore engagement rings, which is somewhat different from modern traditions, in which men most often give up the engagement ring.

As for Tradition, many couples wear their engagement rings on the left ring finger, as was the custom in the past. As for the European countries that we have already mentioned and who prefer the right hand for their wedding ring, it is fascinating to note that they often choose the left hand for engagement rings. Once you are married, transfer the engagement ring from your left hand to your right.

As an opposite Tradition, couples in Brazil and Colombia wear engagement rings on the right hand, and then pass them on to the left hand after reciting their vows.

Receiving and wearing wedding rings

We may have answered: “On which hand is a wedding ring hanging?”in different cultures, but you may still be wondering how wedding rings and engagement rings are worn together in different traditions.

In Western cultures, the wedding ring and the engagement ring are worn together on the ring finger of the left hand. Other cultures, like those mentioned earlier, choose to put their engagement rings on the other hand to symbolize their wedding ring.

In Sweden, it is a tradition to decorate the finger with a complete set of wedding rings that includes the engagement ring, the wedding ring and a unique ring to symbolize motherhood.

If you and your partner are still looking for the perfect engagement rings or wedding bands, take a look at the ones we love at Gabriel & Co. and male groups!

I don’t wear rings at all

Now that we have discussed how to go about a wedding ring and an engagement ring, what about couples or cultures that are not interested in rings at all?

When it comes to wedding traditions, they can often serve as a guide, but nothing says that you can not invent your own customs or follow another path. There are many couples who got married without a proposed ring or wedding rings.

Non-traditional couples can opt for other symbolic gestures to represent their Commitment. Some alternatives may be to get matching tattoos on the finger of your choice, make a down payment for your first joint home, exchange handmade jewelry, or give a family heirloom.

How to wear Your Wedding Ring: the best Tips

For all those who wear traditional wedding rings, you want to know how to properly care for this precious and meaningful jewelry.

When to remove your wedding ring

When it comes to wearing a wedding ring, you should also consider all scenarios where wearing a wedding ring is not the best idea if it can easily be stained, scratched or lost during a particular activity.

For example, if you use harsh chemicals or other detergents, you may want to remove your wedding ring to avoid stains. Washing dishes, taking a shower, swimming or diving in the water for a longer time are other matters when many people remove their rings. You can also take it off during Training.

Of course, it is essential to get a wedding ring that fits your finger correctly to ensure that the ring does not slip off naturally and get lost forever. If your rings do not fit when you receive them, or if your fit changes in the future, you should change the size of your rings to ensure your safety. In addition, you may want to invest in Alliance insurance in matter something happens.

Some couples even opt for two different rings. You have the real wedding ring that was given to you on your big day. Then you have a affordable Option made of silicone or any other material that you can wear in more extreme activities without fear of being damaged, scratched, stained or lost.

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